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About Guided Recovery

Guided Recovery has offered a specialist support programme since 2017, to individuals with Eating Disorders and related concerns. We understand that Eating Disorders are enduring and complicated and therefore support and care is needed to manage day to day life. We believe in helping individuals restore their health, find self-compassion, and self-worth and to recover to full, healthy and joyful lives.

Our Approach

At Guided Recovery, we are committed to supporting you in a holistic, gentle, and collaborative matter. We understand that this journey can have ups and downs, but we are here to support and maintain your motivation, patience and hope throughout. 

Where are we based?

Guided Recovery supports individuals all over the UK, with our office based in London. Our Guided Coaches support individuals with Eating Disorders in their local area, homes and communities to ensure they are getting the best exposure and support to manage day to day life.  We cater to whatever our clients need.                                                                                                                                         

Why Guided Recovery?

Guided Recovery is one of the only services providing intensive support outside of the consulting rooms. We have created a unique programme that will ensure that individuals with Eating Disorders will have support to regain independence and a sustainable and happy recovery.

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