Our Services


Our Services

Guided Recovery Support Assessment:

This involves us getting to know each other, whilst gathering a clearer background of your presenting concerns and goals for recovery. We collaboratively create a Guided Recovery Support Plan where we identify the main areas of focus and practical interventions for our sessions. We discuss what the Guided Coaches main role will be in supporting you, identifying expectations, and discuss duration and frequency of support sessions.

Guided Recovery Face to Face Sessions:  

Our Guided Coaches travel to you and the sessions take place in your home and/or local area to ensure the best exposure and support to managing an Eating Disorder during your day to day life.

Guided Recovery Online Sessions:

We can provide many of our services virtually using;  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime.  

Daily Support via Phone + Email:

We know that living with an Eating Disorder is 24/7, therefore we provide additional contact and check ins throughout the week via video + voice call, text and email.  

Please get in contact to discuss our fees. We always try to provide support for individuals based upon their specific requirements and budget.

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment

We have links to a network of Inpatient Treatment Centres in the UK and abroad. We also have links with a network of Licenced Eating Disorder Therapists, Dietitians and Practitioners that can support you through therapeutic sessions.

Our Programme

Our programme involves supporting individuals with thoughts, feelings and behaviour goals of recovery such as:

  • Learning and practising new ways of coping with difficult emotions
  • Exploring and working on your motivations and goals for recovery
  • Exploring relationship and emotions with food/body/self
  • Exploring key areas of maintaining factors e.g. self esteem, flexibility…
  • Meal Time Supervision
  • Café and Restaurant Exposure Outings
  • Gym/ Sports Companions
  • Pre/ Post Meal Support Sessions
  • Week/Diary Planning
  • Life Coaching
  • Food Shopping (In-store & Online)
  • Goal Setting
  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Preparation/ Cooking Meals
  • Clothes Shopping
  • Post Inpatient Support
  • Family and Parental Support

In addition to all the other services we provide, a lot of the focus will be supporting and holding you accountable outside of the sessions with the goals we set. We are contactable outside of sessions when you need. As we work together other areas may be identified or may become a priority to focus on.



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