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About Guided Recovery

Guided Recovery is a small team which focuses on supporting Eating Disorder clients through everyday life. We understand that Eating Disorders are enduring and complicated and therefore support and care is needed outside of the therapeutic room. We provide a Specialist Support programme for clients that have Eating Disorders or any body image related illnesses.

Our Approach

Exposure support essentially works towards desensitising individuals to their fears and distresses. With regards to Eating Disorders, exposure techniques have been found to be effective in helping individuals overcome fears of consuming forbidden foods. Use of this method has demonstrated effectiveness in decreasing urges to binge/purge, as well as reducing levels of anxiety, depression and feelings of lack of control.

Where are we based?

Guided Recovery works with Eating Disorder clients all over the UK, with our office based in London. Our Guided Coaches support clients with Eating Disorders in their local area, homes and communities to ensure they are getting the best exposure and support to the challenging day to day activities.  We cater to whatever our clients need.                                                                                                                                         

Why Guided Recovery?

Guided Recovery is one of the only services providing exposure support outside of the consulting rooms. We have created a unique programme that will ensure that those suffering with Eating Disorders will have support to regain their independence through their recovery.

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